If these pages charge you with a spark of inspiration then Aleisha will consider it a job well done.

Aleisha McCall is the Founder and Managing Director of Ultimate Edge Communications – A Sydney based boutique media communications agency. She is a multi-award winning champion of both international figure skating and advertising.

Aleisha McCall’s philanthropic work in Siem Reap.

Living a life of gratitude, Aleisha was fortunate, in 2011, to take part in a philanthropic trip to Cambodia. Once she saw the fabulous work that was being done, she decided to personally fund a lunch club programme in Siem Reap, that now guarantees that 40 kids get to eat at least one meal every day. For more information about Grace House & the fantastic work being done there click here.

To Australian and New Zealand citizens this must sound odd. To us, a meal a day is a given. But for many children in Cambodia, and other third world countries, the opportunity to eat every day can be more a privilege than an expectation. Taking this “lunch club” concept to other third world countries is next on her list.  

As much as her ice skating and media accomplishments mean to her, being able to influence others and make a difference in a positive manner means a lot to Aleisha McCall. “It feels really good going to sleep every night knowing that I have done my best to provide hope where hope may never have existed before”, she says. 

Read more about Aleisha’s personal story hereher bustling advertising career or her synchronized skating coaching journey. On her blog you can learn some of the ‘take away lessons’ that have helped her get to where she is today.


Paying it forward

Along her journey, she has been very fortunate to come into contact with some amazing individuals who have guided and mentored her. She has been blessed and feels responsible to “pay it forward” to anyone and everyone who is interested.

She doesn’t have it all figured out yet and she sees every day as a new learning experience giving her insight into business and what success really means. 

She chooses to accept each new day with passion, enthusiasm and humility.

Her overarching driving force is to demonstrate that anything is possible and to set a new standard in every campaign, project or initiative that she develops.