Aleisha McCall’s Personal Journey

In her home town in New Zealand, the land of pristine landscapes and snow-capped mountains, Aleisha McCall felt like a big fish in a tiny pond.

They had three roundabouts…

No traffic lights…

And there were only 8,000 people so everyone was either a friend or family.

Aleisha McCall put on her very first ice skates at the age of four. How lucky she was to have an ice rink nearby.

She loves the feeling only a pair of ice skates can give you, zooming around the rink, the wind in your hair, she never feels as free as when she’s skating.

But it is not all fun and games. Figure skating is a sport that requires extreme focus and intense discipline. It taught her valuable life lessons about the importance of hard work, burning concentration, mental toughness and determination.

Aleisha McCall’s philanthropic work in Siem Reap.

From just the age of 14, she had the honour and privilege of representing New Zealand for five consecutive years at an international level. The thrill of coming back home with her new skating awards and chin held high with accomplishment was exhilarating.

Like a ripple effect, her success in figure skating transferred over to her life in school and laid a solid foundation for her future business career.

Aleisha McCall’s big bold dream.

The priceless life lessons she learned through figure skating, backed with a major desire to succeed gave her the courage to pack up her suitcase at the age of 18 and relocate to Sydney, Australia.

Aleisha McCall had a dream:….To be the first New Zealander to compete at a synchronised ice skating world championship.

She stepped off the plane with a small suitcase in one hand and a glint of adventure in her eyes – full of hope. At the same time, she was freaking out; she was stepping so far out of her comfort zone, the stark reality hit her hard that at any moment she could literally fall flat on her face!

She quickly realised she needed to step up her game to achieve her big dreams. 

No one was going to do it for her and many back home expected her to fail. It is at times like this you realise that nobody else is going to back you as much as you can back yourself, so she closed her eyes and went for it!

Everything about Sydney, the tall buildings, crowded streets and cars everywhere, the lack of friends, and millions of citizens with a different accent were difficult to get used to compared to her 8,000 person village back home. Sydney was a whole new adventure that definitely pushed her out of her comfort zone.

But Aleisha knew one thing: The skating boots were getting absolutely no holidays!

Soon, she was representing Australia at the World Championships. She remembers her heart pounding with excitement; the cheers of the crowd, the bright lights, and the colossal body of ice under her feet. It all made her feel more alive than ever before.

She told herself: “This is your day, Aleisha, this is the moment, go for it girl!”

She often gets asked …

“Aleisha, what are you on? I WANT SOME! What do you take in the morning that gives you this enormous amount of energy and passion for life?”

She developed this blog to share (some of) her secrets. Here you can learn about what she does and what gives her the edge in her personal and professional lives. 

If you come and play on her site you will start to gain an insight into what it is that gets her going and allows her to achieve MASSIVE results in all areas of her life, not to mention have an absolute blast while doing it!

Make sure you post comments, share your feedback, thoughts and inspiration.
 She, too, is still learning. Aleisha McCall is far from “done” and always appreciates feedback to help her grow. She strongly believes everyone she meets has something to teach her. 

Learn from her experiences and gain some insights not only in business and sport but in life as well! She has been lucky enough to have some amazing mentors throughout her journey and she knows it’s her responsibility to pass that knowledge on and share it whenever she can.