The power of 1%

I am a big believer in the power of 1%. In my world it is about always searching for that extra 1% in life, in business and in sport. Sometimes it is that extra 1% that makes the difference between winning your gold medal and falling in just behind.

1% seems so little, but the truth is it is sooo IMPORTANT!

At a recent championship my synchronised ice skating team placed 2nd at a national level. The skaters had been training exceptionally hard in the lead up to this event and you could tell they wanted the win badly!

The gap between 1st and 2nd place ended up being 0.49 (less than half a point!).

The reason I wanted to share this with you all is because the whole experience reminded me of a very important message. This is a great example of the difference between finishing on top or just behind.  It demonstrates that we can always do more, always give more and always expect more of ourselves and each other.

It is all the little 1% things that we do in life, in business and in sport that get us the outcome that we desire. All those 1% things, piled on top of each other to bring us the perfect outcome. Pushing ourselves that little bit harder and striving towards our goal with a little bit more urgency is what it’s all about.

For my skating team it may have been one extra training session, 1% more commitment and dedication, 1% better leg extension etc. We were so close!!

I encourage you all to give 1% more with everything that you do…..don’t miss out on your GOLD medal by 0.49! Move yourself and your team from great to OUTSTANDING! Smash your competitors out of the water! So many times we get so close only to finish just behind when all it would take is 1% more to get there!

I will leave you with this…..

GIVE more than others think is safe,
CARE more than others think is wise,
DREAM more than others think is practical,
EXPECT more than others think is possible!!

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