Warning: Bit of Friday inspiration coming your way

I was interviewed by Filtered Media yesterday about my journey so far as a small business owner and my experiences along the way! They asked me about my learning’s, the challenges, the pitfalls the OMG moments, my passion for results and advice I had for other small business owners in a similar “START UP” phase. It was the first chance I really had a moment to sit back, take it all in and reflect on my last 12 months in business. 

Here’s what I know…….Steve Jobs is right…..”The Ones Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can, Are The Ones That Do!!! 

Bit of Friday inspiration for you all!! 

Life is a gift, you have to own it, run into it full on and never look back! 

Thanks to all you amazing people for all your incredible and ongoing support! You know who you are! LOVE https://youtu.be/7pcdkY8HMLY

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