Working Women Spring 2014: World Champion Mindset

I was lucky enough to be featured as the cover girl in the recent Spring 2014 Edition of the Australian ‘Working Women’ magazine as an up and coming business women in the industry.

What an honour!

When I opened my mail box last week to find the ‘Working Women’ magazine with my face plastered across the front, I had to laugh as I would have never imagined that I would ever be on the front of anything!! 

Reading through the article that was written about my journey so far, presented a great opportunity to reflect on where I have come from and reminded me of how lucky I have been to meet some incredible mentors along my journey who have offered me some wonderful advice, that in many ways has shaped the person I am today.  

‘Working Women’ Magazine asked me what my six leadership tips were for other up and coming women in the industry. These tips have been passed on to me by other incredible mentors and I just had to share them with you.

Here are my six leadership tips:

  1. Be careful who you listen to. Most people want you to take the safe and easy road so you avoid disappointment, not realising that without risk, there are very few (if any) worthwhile rewards.
  2. Follow your passions as far as they take you. You might surprise yourself and discover what you are really capable of.
  3. Live your values every day and your moral compass will guide you to your ultimate destiny.
  4. At critical moments, believe in yourself and follow through without doubt or hesitation.
  5. Give of yourself generously along your journey, ‘paying it forward’ every chance you get.
  6. Don’t sell yourself short. Choose the best mentor you can afford. Do your due diligence, your future (destiny) depends on it.

PS: Don’t forget to pay it forward! 🙂 


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