Media Services

At Ultimate Edge, we take the complexity out of media for you and arm your campaigns with the same cutting-edge capabilities that we provide to some of Australia’s leading brands.

We know exactly what channels and approaches achieve impressive results. And we do this without drowning you in a sea of meaningless numbers.


We use our hard-won wisdom of what works for large-scale campaigns and apply our research-driven methodology to give your media planning a definite edge.


We create a strategic plan to buy your media in the most cost-effective manner. While we always get our clients the best media buy possible, we like to take a step back and assess who your campaign is actually meant to reach as well.


We use best-practice systems and processes, along with cutting-edge software to ensure your campaigns run like clockwork. With us, you can relax knowing that your brand’s campaign execution is in capable hands.


Accountability is in our agency DNA. Our weekly summaries give you the right data to help make informed decisions on future campaign direction.


We analyse each stage of the conversion funnel to see where the biggest wins can be had. We then bring all of this data together and summarise it to create an optimisation plan that makes you more money.


We give your campaigns more of an edge by implementing complementary tools such as CRMs, DMPs and EMPs to increase your return-on-investment. Combined with smart thinking, this approach will take your campaigns to the next level.

Creative Services

While our roots are in media, our clients kept asking us to give their creative the same edge we give their media.

As a result, we’ve built an awesome creative team that can work with you to conceptualise and produce an entire media campaign. Or just help plug the missing gaps.

Our creative capabilities can easily scale to match your marketing campaign’s demands.


While success in media is results-driven, it is ultimately about making emotional connections with customers. That can only be achieved by producing creative that taps into people’s deepest emotional needs.


Our team of senior designers, copywriters, creative thinkers & developers know that it’s not just about what you say but where you say it. Our symbiotic approach to choice of message and format ensures your ads have maximum impact.


Our copywriters work closely with our designers to make sure that, no matter how your customers consume content, you have all the right formats covered.
We produce unique content solutions that support the growth of your digital creative inventory.


While performance media is a one-way channel, we believe in maintaining ongoing two-way communication with your brand’s audience.
Our social media management services include: community management, content calendars, production, reporting and analytics.


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