What Success Means to me

At the B&T 30 Under 30 Media Awards earlier this week, I was asked “What does success mean to you?”

“Success to me means getting the best out of myself everyday!”

It got me thinking, what does success ultimately mean to me and how do I measure it?

I think success is about finding something that you are truly passionate about and making the most of it.

What I have learnt in recent years is that success is not about winning every competition. Success is about living YOUR life, as best you can. You should not race through business and through life without reflection and enjoyment for the journey you’re on. I also strongly believe that you should only compete against yourself and nobody else, to be the best you can be.

Each time I finish a presentation, a competition or even a major exam – I need to know I have got the best out of myself during that experience. If I have given it my all, learnt along the way and have nothing left in my tank at the end, then in my mind I have been successful. 

This past week I have been very fortunate to have been able to reflect on my successes and be recognised for some of my corporate achievements.  I have been able to take some time out, reassess where I am, thank the key people around me for their support and simply give myself a little pat on the back for a job well done.

2013 has been my best year EVER and here are 5 reasons why:

1)     I was coach of the Australian Synchronised Ice Skating Team at the first ever Junior World Championship in March 
2)     I was named Australian Radio Network Account Director of the Year for the first time
3)     I got engaged to the most wonderful man EVER…….in NEW YORK CITY!
4)     I was named as one of four finalists in Australia for the Women in Media Awards – Sales Category 
5)     I was named as one of B&T magazine’s “Top 30 People in Media Under 30” Australia wide

Has 2013 been your best year?

Are you on track with your own success?

It’s worth taking a look!

I did not tell you my top 5 reasons to impress you; I tell you this to impress upon you what is possible when you love what you do and you live a life that is “on purpose”.  I set out to get the most out of myself every single day, love what I do and train myself to expect more from life than others think is possible. 

I do know this for sure… Life is a gift and it is given to us to make the most of! Success is ultimately happiness and having a sense of purpose! I think at the end of the day that is all we are searching for and it is always good to check in to see how we are going on our journey!

In coming years, if I can continue to balance a successful career in advertising, my role as an international coach and judge in ice skating, my ongoing volunteer work, travelling internationally every year as well being the best daughter, sister, friend, fiancé and future wife, then for me….that’s all the success I need! 🙂

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